Halloween Skeleton - Your Guide to Halloween Skeletons

Below are just a few ways you can use a skeleton for Halloween

Halloween SkeletonWhat Halloween graveyard or yard haunt would be complete without the Grim Reaper himself menacing your trick or treaters? Dress the skeleton in a black hooded robe. These costumes are plentiful during the Halloween season and can be bought for as little as $10.00. We actually used a child's size so that the feet and part of the legs showed. While its possible for one person to dress a skeleton, it's a lot easier with two people. Attach a plastic scythe to his right hand and foot using twist ties. There you have it, a realistic looking Grim Reaper prop for your Halloween festivities!

Halloween Skeleton
How to create a sinister looking Halloween decoration that was inspired by the "Necromancing the Stone" episode from the television series "Charmed". In this particular episode, a Necromancer is resurrected by his underling within a pentagram shaped magic circle made up from human skulls and bones. On its own, this unique arrangement has a very chilling appearance, but add a costumed person or prop figure standing ominously in the center of the circle and its a very impressive visage. Click here to see how!

Halloween SkeletonDress the skeleton in a Halloween vampire costume. We found a costume that included a black cape with a red collar, vest, red cummerbund, medallion and a tie. For a vampiress skeleton, just add an inexpensive wig and replace the vest with a small red teddy. Lay the skeleton into a Halloween coffin. Place the wooden stake between the ribs. Position the skeletons hands around the stake, as though he or she were trying to pull the stake out prior to dying. You can make a wooden stake from a piece of wood dowel, a survey marker or even a thick stick.

Halloween SkeletonThe sight of a skeleton hanging from a tree in your front yard or from a beam on your front porch from a hangman's noose is a very creepy sight indeed. We hang one up by our front gate Halloween night to great our trick or treaters. When tying your hangman's noose remember that they require a lot more rope than you might think. We prefer to use 1/2" or 5/8" thick rope, that is at least sixteen feet long. This will give you a noose and end piece of rope about six feet long. Thick, hemp type rope is sold by the foot and can usually be bought at your local hardware store.

Halloween SkeletonSKELETON IN COFFIN
Lay a skeleton in a coffin, casket or home-made crypt for a really creepy Halloween display. This is like those used during the Old West and everywhere else for that matter, and is made from rough wood. It is approximately 6 foot long and is available lined or unlined. For more information oabout using a coffin for your Halloween haunt visit HalloweenCoffins.com

Halloween SkeletonA Crow's Cage was a medieval torture device where the victim was locked inside an all metal cage and left to die - Crow's would land on the cage to feast on the carrion. This makes for a very ghoulish Halloween prop when a skeleton is placed inside the crow's cage and it is hung it from a tree branch, your front porch, or even a large pole buried next to your front gate.

Halloween SkeletonAdult size skulls with the
calvarium's (skull cap) removed are a fun and sinister way to serve up your Halloween treats! We like to set a half dozen of these skulls in a row with different candy in each for our visitors to choose from. You can also fit about three small candy or caramel covered apples in the top of skull - If your treats are homemade, be sure to wrap them in plastic wrap or waxed paper before placing them in the top of the skull. Since these were not designed to hold food, you should not place unwrapped edibles in it. The Budget Life-Size Skull works great for this.

Halloween SkeletonProp up a skeleton sitting or leaning against a tombstone. You can remove the lower portion of the skeleton from the pelvis down and sit the skeleton in front of a tombstone as though it is still half underground. Just in front of the tombstone, dig a small hole big enough for the end of the spine to set in. Set the skeleton down on the ground with the spine in the hole and leaning with its back against the tombstone. Fill in the rest of the hole with dirt and add some leaves and/or fake moss around the tombstone and skeleton. For more information on Halloween tombstones visit HalloweenTombstones.com

Halloween SkeletonAnother great prop is to sit a Bucky skeleton in an old chair or rocking chair to welcome your trick-or-treaters. You can even set a large bowl or plastic cauldron filled with candy in his lap. Add an artificial crow or vulture on his shoulder and play a sound effect of it cawing. We also like to place a skeleton in an old easy chair with a television set playing a scary movie in front of him as a party prop during our annual Halloween party. We Velcro the TV remote control in one hand and a spooky Halloween themed glass or goblet in the other. This is also a great decoration for a Halloween party!

Halloween SkeletonSuspend a giant spider web between trees or your house and place a skeleton in it as though someone was caught by a giant spider and devoured. We like to add a finishing touch by giving the skeleton a heavy coat of spray-on cob webs. You can use white colored twist-ties or plastic cable ties to secure the skeleton to the giant web. Because of the skeletons weight, make sure to secure the spider web well. You can buy
a giant rope spider web that measures twenty-five feet on its diagonal and has three anchor points allowing it to be hung at many angles.

Halloween SkeletonPut a skeleton in a torture device such as a stockade. A stockade, also called a stock,  was a medieval punishment device used to break and humiliate a person. Dress the skeleton in an old pair of worn out pants and shirt, dirty them up a bit. Add a long haired ratted  wig sprayed with gray and dark brown  hair spray paint and it will look like he's been there a long time. The Fright Catalog sells a weathered wooden looking stocks. It is made from hard foam and measures 56" tall and 31" wide.

Halloween SkeletonMake a large cross using one 4'x2"x2" and one 8'x2"x2" boards. Bolt the two boards together with the four foot board about a 1-1/2 foot down from the top of the eight foot board. We use bolts instead of nails or screws so we can disassemble it for storage. Dig a two foot deep hole in the ground and bury the long end of the cross. Refill the hole and tamp the dirt firmly. Dress the skeleton in old and tattered clothes so that you can see most of the skeleton's bones. Now, attach the skeleton to the cross using thick rope, plastic chain or fake barbed-wire at the shoulders, wrists, spine and legs.

Halloween SkeletonWe like to hang a Bucky skeleton up in our closet year round! You can either add a very solid hook through the wall and into a stud or hang him from the closet rod, as long as it can take the weight of the skeleton. We leave a short noose around his neck to hang him from a wall hook inside the coat closet by the front door. It's a great gag to pull on guests, watch them open the door to hang up coats and see him hanging there! You can truthfully tell people you have at least one skeleton in your closet!


Halloween Skeleton - Your Guide to using a Halloween Skeletons
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Halloween Skeleton

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